John Tindel has been making art in Atlanta for more than a decade now. Whether you’ve seen one of his exhibitions, visited his studio spot at the Goat Farm or successfully chased after one of his #FAFATL pieces, Tindel is a veteran around these parts. His wood blocks often display quotes from his grandparents or metaphors about Southern rap, all spray-painted in vivid colors.


A Living Walls artist, TCP Artist Resident and Founder of Deep South Outer Space, Tindel focuses on the beauty, contrast and social aspects of the South in his work. One of his longest collaborations, with artist Michi Meko, is the project TINDELMICHI, a series of collaborative paintings that call out to their similar Southern roots, growing up in Alabama and moving to Atlanta.


Tindel is always hustling in Atlanta and you can see his work on murals, in art exhibits and the homes of some of the most amazing collectors.


His artwork is currently sold through the Imagination Bureau LLC and available inventory can be found on

Check out his work at

John Tindel

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