Ratio Eight Coffee Maker - Oyster


- Brews up to 40oz. (eight 5oz. cups)
- 5-year warranty
- Powerful 1600 watt/110 or 220 volt heating element
- Dimensions: 13.5" deep x 9" wide x 14" tall
- Cantilevered top and base made of aerospace-grade die cast aluminum with a satin metallic finish
- Laboratory grade borosilicate water lines and carafe
- BPA-free copolymer water tank, or upgrade to borosilicate glass
- Carafe holds Chemex paper filters or Able Kone stainless steel filter
- Hand assembled in Portland, Oregon of custom American and imported components made to last.

Engineered For Extraordinary Coffee

Ratio has developed a machine that emulates a manual pour-over, fine-tuned to provide a sweet cup that lacks bitterness. Beneath the exterior is precise brewing science, and an automated powerful heating element that maintains and delivers water at or near the optimum temperature of 200 degrees. 

Less Thinking And Better Drinking

Ratio has just one button and no complicated programming. The subtle white lights on the front of the machine will tell you what’s happening with the brew cycle, but you probably have better things to do like catch up on your morning read. Ratio won’t mind at all.

What's Included

- Ratio Eight Coffee Maker
- Handblown borosilicate Glass Carafe
- Silicone Heat Lid
- Ratio Wash - 1 bottle
- Ratio Microfiber Towel
- Chemex Paper Filters - 4 sample filters
- Operation guide
- Power cord

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