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Never before have there been more ways for people to experience a great cup of coffee or tea, yet in large part, specialty coffee and teas are still mostly inaccessible to those who do not make the effort, have the opportunity, or the time to frequent a local craft coffee shop.

Docent wants to make specialty coffee accessible and available to everyone. Whether its at the coolest coffee shop in town, or at the local brunch spot where amazing coffee is always hoped for (but rarely expected), we believe the benefits of offering coffee and teas crafted to be delicious AND tailored to serve the underlying businesses' bottom-line, are measurably greater than simply defaulting to 'whatever coffee'.


Does using the coffee brand most other places use, and paying more than the majority of your counterparts, ensure you're getting and serving the best coffee? Unfortunately, the answer is often no. Fortunately, we are able to provide wholesale partners high quality craft coffee, and teas, typically reserved for only high-end coffee shops, but without the pretense, expense, and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to what is being offered and served.


It may be trite to claim, but our coffees and teas are truly some of the best in the region. Why? We focus more on the quality of our product, rather than the image of our brand. Docent's roastmasters meticulously source and roast a uniquely curated selection of beans, and maintain a scale of operation that still allows for a level of scrutiny and attention to the coffee being produced that other roasters simply don't have the time for.

We are also a distributor for Rishi Tea, and can outfit any tea program with what we consider the best tea available on the market. Loose leaf, sachets, and everything in between.


Great beans is only the starting point. Storage, preparation, and a general understanding of coffee are essential to unlocking and realizing the full potential of any great coffee or tea program. We offer an array of knowledge, educational classes, and personalized training to all of our wholesale partners to ensure that the coffee and tea you serve is experienced the way it was intended.


Offering a great coffee is important, but so is keeping your business profitable. We understand that ‘one-size-fits-all’ is rarely a philosophy that works for anything within a business, which is why we pride ourselves in our ability and desire to guide wholesale partners to coffee that is going to strike the perfect balance between price, quality, and a positive consumer experience.

Your business, its customers, and the space in which you operate are all highly unique, diversified, and contextual. How and why would the coffee you choose be any different?


We can provide you with, some of the best coffee-making equipment available today. From brewers to espresso machines, we can help set you up for any level of coffee program, and provide you with the know-how and service to ensure your equipment runs efficiently and lasts.


We also offer private labeling and toll-roasting to all wholesale partners. We give you the opportunity to provide a premium product that is custom tailored and personalized for your own individual unique brand. We provide the expertise, equipment, and labor…you reap the benefits!


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