Auto/Drip Coffee Machines (Technivorm Moccamaster)

- Invented by Gerard Clement Smit in 1968

- Consistently ranked as one of the best automatic coffee makers in the world

- Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

- Average brew time (4-5 minutes)

- Infusion method of brewing

- Produces 4-12 cups (1.25L) of coffee (depending on model)

- Easy operation

Quality engineering and manufacturing from Holland

Technique (requires manual adjustment brew basket)

1. Place your filter in the brew basket, ensuring basket is fully open

2.  Fill reservoir with at least .25L (or 1 cup) of water, and turn on

3. Allow brew to empty into thermal carafe

4. Discard water from carafe

5. Grind 60g of coffee medium (~19 on an Encore). Scale this according to how much coffee you're wanting to brew. Ex. 30g of coffee for 500mil (4-cups)

6. Place grinds into filter, and tap basket to level coffee bed

7. Pour 1L  (8-cups) of filtered water into reservoir

8. Close your brew basket completely (set dial to “x”)

9. Turn on brew cycle and begin allow water to reach the same level as the grinds

10. Turn off brewer and allow grinds to bloom for 45 seconds with the basket cover on

11. Open brew basket to fully open, turn brewer back on,  and allow brew cycle to continue

12. If you desire more extraction, gently stir the brew during the bloom

13. Allow cycle to end, and place full cap on top of carafe to preserve heat up to one hour