- Invented by Hario in the 1980’s, but realized/produced in 2004

- Unique 60 degree angle optimizes water flow through coffee bed and extraction

- Most widely used device used by world coffee brew competitors

- Average brew time (3-4 minutes)

- Infusion method of brewing

- Ideal method for accurate extraction of coffee

- Technique is more important with this method

- Hario V60 Coffee Dripper - 02 

    Technique (Scott Rao-ish Method)

    1. Fill your kettle and heat to 200F (94c)

    2. Grind 23g of coffee medium/fine (~16-18 on an Encore)

    3. Pre-wet your filter and vessel with 3 times your coffee weight in water (~65g)

    4. Discard rinse water from vessel

    5. Place your coffee into your v60 filter, and place v60 and vessel on your scale

    6. Level out the bed with a little shake, and tare your scale to zero

    7. Start your timer at the same time you begin to pour your water

    8. Use concentric motions to evenly saturate your grinds to 60g on your scale

    9. Stop your pour and gently swirl the grinds (or 'paddle' them with a small spoon) until you don’t see bubbles

    10. At 50 seconds, pour your remaining water till you reach 350-360g

    11. Allow to brew until water level reaches just under half of the v60

    12. Grab hold of the v60 and vessel and give it a gentle concentric swirl a few times

    13. Allow to brew to complete

    14. Total brew time should be between 3:00-3:30

    15. Remaining grinds should have the appearance of wet porous sand