- Invented by Alan Adler in 2005

- Can be a more concentrated (higher extracted) form of coffee

- Short brew times (1-2 minutes)

- Immersion/infusion method of brewing

- Lower water temperature for brewing

- Portable / easy clean up / durable

    Inverted 'Filip' Method

     1. Grind 35g of coffee slightly coarser than drip (~20 on an Encore)

    2. Fill your kettle and heat to 190F (88c)

    3. Pre-wet/heat your filter and vessel/mug by rinsing the filter in the holder into your cup. Discard the water

    4. Place Aeropress plunger into the chamber to align just past the 4

    5. Place your Aeropress on your scale inverted (open end up)

    6. Place your coffee into the chamber

    7. Level out the bed with a little shake, and tare your scale to zero

    8. Start your timer at the same time you begin to pour your water

    9. Stop your pour at 150g

    10. Take the paddle and continually stir the mixture in the chamber for 20 seconds

    11. Screw on your filter and invert your Aeropress at 1 minute (with your vessel/mug or onto your vessel/mug)

    12. Once inverted, give it a few swirls to ensure the water catches the grinds sticking to the plunger

    13. Push down on the plunger by just leaning onto it (OFF OF YOUR SCALE). Don’t force it. This process should take 20-30 seconds. If there is too much resistance, you've ground too fine. Too easy, you've ground too coarse. Make adjustments as needed.

    14. Place your vessel/mug onto your scale again, and tare it to zero

    15. Add 100-120g of hot water till it meets your tastes