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  • Lord Bergamot (Earl Grey)

    Notes: Malt / Honey / Citrus


    A flavor somewhat superior to traditional Earl Grey. Fragrant Ceylon Dimbula and Uva are artfully combined with select teas from India's Assam...

  • British Brunch (English Breakfast)

    Notes: Malt / Honey / Mineral


    A rich blend of full-bodied Indian Assam teas paired with succulent Ceylon Dimbula, intense and floral Ceylon Uva, and a touch...

  • Masala Chai (Spiced Black Tea)

    Notes: Cinnamon / Ginger / Cardamom


    In India, chai means sweetly spiced tea served with foamed milk. Ours combines second flush Assam teas with pungent...

  • Kandy (Black Tea Blend)

    Notes: Malt / Honeysuckle / Carob


    Named after one of the most beautiful cities in Sri Lanka, Kandy brings together full and flavory Dimbula with highly aromatic...

  • Fez (Moroccan Mint Green Tea)

    Notes: Mint / Lemon / Fall Squash


    Rare green teas from China combined with aromatic spearmint grown in the Pacific Northwest and a...

  • Jasmine Silver Tips (Jasmine)

    Notes: Jasmine / Steamed Greens / Brown Sugar 


    Delicate, tender green tea leaves from China's Fujian Province are harvested each May and steam-fired...

  • Rose City Genmaicha (Green Tea Blend)

    Notes: Toast / Umami / Bergamot 


    A delicious Oregon twist on Japanese Genmaicha. Combines the light, nutty flavor of roasted rice with a...

  • White Petals (White Tea Blend)

    Notes: Peach / Rose / Hay 


    These delicate, shade-dried leaves from China's Fujian Province are naturally high in antioxidants. Egyptian chamomile petals and...

  • Big Hibiscus (Hibiscus Blend)

    Notes: Hibiscus / Vanilla / Ginger


    The cabernet of hibiscus teas. We join luscious red hibiscus with Indian sarsaparilla, ginger, pink rose petals, and elderflowers from Europe. Deep red, complex, nuanced...

  • Peppermint Leaves (Peppermint)

    Notes: Mint / Sugar / Chocolate 


    It's no secret that the world's best peppermint comes from the Pacific Northwest. Gently hand-screened for perfect leaf...

  • Meadow (Chamomile)

    Notes: Chamomile / Apple / Honey


    A caffeine-free blend of golden Egyptian chamomile flowers and mildly stimulating, fragrant hyssop joined with smooth Cape rooibos, rose...

  • Golden Light (Turmeric Herbal Blend)

    Notes: Vanilla Frosting / Lemon Snap / White Oak


    The gold standard of turmeric teas, this...

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