Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select (Silver)


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The Moccamaster KBGV model builds upon the most tried and true Technivorm brewer on the market today (KBT) in offering more features such as a glass carafe and hotplate. Even the most ardent of specialty coffee aficionados will agree that amount of user input, variability, and control the Moccamaster offers elevates it far above its fellow 'auto-drip' machines.

The selector switch on the KBGV Select allows you to choose between brewing a half or full carafe. The brewing speed and hotplate temperature adjust according to your choice, brewing either amount to the golden cup standard. The brew basket automatically stops the flow of coffee when removing the carafe. All glass carafe brewers feature a hotplate with an independent heating element that holds your coffee at the perfect temperature.

All Moccamaster filter Coffeemakers are handmade in the Netherlands and have a limited 5-year warranty. 


- Simple to use with a quiet brew process, the KBGV Select makes a half or full carafe of coffee in 4-6 minutes.
- The selector switch adjusts the hotplate temperature within the range of 175°F - 185°F depending on how much you brew. The brewer’s power switch and hotplate automatically shut off after 100 minutes.
- Unique, copper boiling element rapidly heats water to control brewing temperature between 92º to 96º C which is important for coffee soluble extraction, then automatically switches off when the water reservoir is empty
- Pre-immersion drip-style system ensures the perfect coffee bloom, produced by an ultra–precise, natural pulse action
- Ideal water saturation time to maximize coffee complexity, flavor and aroma – Achieved through a cone shape brew-basket design that regulates a 6 minute brew time
- Made with durable metal housings and BPA/BPS/BPF & Phthalate free plastics
- Removable parts essential for long-term maintenance and replacement
- Weight: 6.00 lbs | Dimensions: 14.00" H x 12.75" W x 6.50" D
- Volume: 1.25 Liters | 10-cups
- Power: 120 | 1475W
- Certifications: ECBC & SCA Approved to meet and exceed Gold Cup Standards



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